Saturday, 27 October 2007

Is self-promotion is the new New Journalism?

Well, no. Probably not.
But hey, I've been promoting other people my whole life, how's about a bit of sugar for Daddy?
That's right, my sensitive (or not-so) singer-songwriter side is going to get more of a workout than he's had in some time when I start six weeks as an "Artist You Should Know" at Marilyn's. Also known as, the guy who plays and sings during happy hour. Hey, it pays better than blogging!
I'll be on the stage between 5 and 7 p.m. every Thursday starting Nov. 1, through December 6. I'm off on Thanksgiving Thursday - that's the day of the big bike ride (more about THAT later).
I hope to have a few friends up to sing and play, so that it's not just me on my lonesome up there - though that is appropriate to a lot of the songs. So come down (The K Street Mall is NOT that scary!), buy a beer (you'll need something to cry in), buy ME a beer (ditto), and listen to me pour my heart out. Good times!

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